What a day of the every-day average homeschooler looks like

  1. Get up
  2. eat breakfast
  3. start doing school (I start at about 9 am)
  4. eat lunch
  5. get break to do whatever (in my case it would be reading)
  6. go back to school
  7. finish (in my case its at 3:30 pm)

How lovingly dull my life is eh? I mean sure you get to sleep in and start school later and we don’t have to deal with bullies or homework, but we don’t have the excitement that a day in public school would provide. At least I don’t think so…….I’ve never actually gone to public school so I wouldn’t know XD


And as I always say

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why pencils sharpeners are important

  1. since you wouldn’t have a sharp pencil, you wouldn’t be able to complete all those important tests you had to do
  2. you would fail school
  3. you wouldnt be able to go to university
  4. you wouldn’t be able to meet your future spouse at university
  5. you wouldn’t get a good job
  6. your family would disown you
  7. you wouldn’t have a family
  8. you’d live on the streets
  9. you’d go crazy and start attacking people
  10. EVERYBODY would be like this because they didn’t have pencil sharpeners so they went through the exact same thing
  11. the world would end
  12. dinosaurs would come back and dance among our ashes
  13. aliens would come and zap all the dinosaurs and then dance among everythings ashes
  14.  Dormammu would come and turn the planet purple
  15. Crumbly black things with purple eyes would come and dance on the purple planet
  16. there would be lots of evil dancing

And that is why we must thank the person who invented pencil sharpeners.


and as I always say,

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I need a title creativity reboot


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I just spent the entire afternoon completing a Careers assignment about the best job choices for me…..it was very tiring and now I cant really type properly.


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eenyway I just thought I should be a nice author and post on here. That’s a nice thing to do right?

I hope so…..

Anyway hows ur day going? Mine has been quite boring so far but tonight I have

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This is not necessarily a good thing.

My first class was on Thursday and nobody else was there.

So my crush, who used to be a student, IS NOW AN INSTRUCTOR.


Now some people may think that 45 minutes with just ur crush is a good thing. BUT NOT FOR ME. I always mess up in some embarrassing way in front of him PLUS you must remember this is my first class back after a whole 2 months of not doing ANYTHING active. And my crush (lets call him Zach) is like a super active person and gave me a really hard warmup. he then made me do this really hard kick a LOT

Image result for taekwondo backside kick gif(the kick the person in blue does…….its quite fast in that gif but it was the only one I could find XD)

And then he made me do this other slightly easier kick a lot too. And then he said he knew I had more flexibility and raised the target



anyway I’ve sort of run out of stuff to talk about so


Our Power Was Out for Two Days

I recently found out that the electricity in some parts of Florida came on before ours did

Yesterday we  just drove around for a few hours and my mom bought us some snacks, it was pretty fun.

Then today we just kinda sat around until the power came on at 5 XD

Anyway, did your power go out? If so, for how long?

About me! (this shoulda been my first post….)


Today I’m going to post my second post that should have been my first post but is my second post for some reason other than me posting.

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I’m a 13 year-old girl living somewhere in Canada (you shall never know where….). I also am homeschooled. Some people call it ‘unschooling’ but that really doesn’t make sense… I’m starting grade 9 this year which is just like WHOOO. And also like NOOO. am dealing with confusion here.

As you have probably guessed I am very random and am known for random spewing. Am proud of this.

I like cats, reading, procrastinating, procrastinating my procrastinating, taekwondo, and Sherlock. SHERLOCK IS LIFE

I can sometimes use WAY too many gifs when I’m bored….like waaaaaay too many…

My religion is The Office. Also memes and gifs. Basically I should be sued for false religions. (is that a thing?)

I’m sleep deprived right now so I probably shouldn’t be posting……..but HERE I  AM BREAKING MY OWN RULES (don’t worry I’m not always like this((aw who am I kidding I’m always like this)))

I cant think of anything else about myself so


and as I always say;

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Shout Out: theyoungwriter27

Recently -and by recently I mean months ago- I came across a great little blog, and that blog belongs to theyoungwriter27. He’s writing a really interesting story which he updates every now and then, he’s creative with his posts, and his blog’s got a perfectly usable follow button!

tl;dr: his blog is awesome and he deserves more followers! 


people who u dont even know n never talked to before AND aren’t even mutuals follow ur personal blog

IDK how to even feel so I just like ignore it _(:’33



I’m reposting this cause why not XD

There are millions and millions of universes, each one only lasting a second at a time, yet forever ongoing and inescapable, forever being lived through, yet never acknowledged.

A little girl once said “there are only two types of memories, regrets, and accomplishments.” 

Later, she discovered it to be untrue, and she developed another philosophy “memories are neither good nor bad, but simply there, taking up space for no reason at all.”

The girl continued to live, to grow, and her belief in both of her previous hypothesis weakened. She realised that, there can be no explanation for it, not everything needs a reason to be. Her understating grew, yet she did not act upon it, but instead satisfied herself with living and being.

If you didn’t catch on, the girl is me. I have a problem where I tend to over think things, but sometimes there is no explanation.


What to Do When You’re Bored

  1. Grab a snack, preferably potato chips.
  2. Yell at yourself for eating all the potato chips yesterday (dun worry, it’s not your fault, the voices made you do it)
  3. Cry for a few minutes because there’s no potato chips.
  4. Suck it up and open the *shudder* tortilla chips. They’re not as good which is why there’s still some left, but they’ll have to do.
  5. Open a good book and get to reading.
  6. Realize you don’t like this book because your favorite character dies in the end, even though it totally wasn’t nescessary.
  7. Crap… You forgot that you donated all your favorite books to GoodWill last month because of that inspirational commercial about under-privilaged kids.
  8. Screw reading! You’ll just work out to burn off all those chips you ate yesterday.
  9. Watch inspirational work out video to get motivated.
  10. Click link to a cute video about a chubby kitten chasing its tail.
  11. Get lost down the rabbit hole of YouTube
  12. Look at the clock and realize you’ve been watching YT videos for 5 hours.
  13. Sit in the bathtub for an hour reconsidering your life choices.
  14. Get out of the bathtub because your fingers and toes are starting to get all pruny and pruny fingers suck
  15. Watch TV until your fingers have un-pruned.
  16. Groan because someone has taken the TV to watch wrestling. Stupid wrestling.
  17. Open Hanguts to talk to your friends. They’re always fun!
  18. Oh shit, her dog died. You send an awkward “Sorry about that” and shut off your laptop.
  19. Well at least it’s late enough to got to bed now.
  20. You get in bed.
  21. Oh no. *chirp chirp*
  22. It can’t be. *chirp*

Idek XD


I have recently examined the posts that have been published on my blog in the past, and I have found that out of all of those, some of the most popular ones were the ones that had been written by a guest author. And from this I have have concluded that I am a total boss at picking guest authors!

But seriously, how ironic is it that I’m not even the best author on my own blog XD