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please go join this wonderful blog bc I’ve basically been a useless sack of dirt when it comes to being an author on there due to the fact that deadline are clearly not my forte :)))

The Artistics

EDIT: Our member search is extended up to July 15! Don’t miss the chance to join us!

Hey there!

The Artistic has been in the blogosphere for a long time now! In that process, we’ve lost some of our members. Right now, The Artistics is short in members and we really want to provide content as good and as frequent as possible but we’re unable to do that due to the lack of members.

We want you, an individual who possesses great creativity and imagination, to join us! We’re looking for some fresh minds to be a member of The Artistics!


1. Email us with your name (it’s okay if it’s a pen name), blog link, and what forte you choose (writing, photography, graphic design). If you want, you can describe yourself!

Do you have to be a blogger to join? No. You don’t have to be one but…

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Artist Problems

Drawing is like really awesome but also occasionally The Worst Thing Ever, courtesy of:

1) Art block

2) Not being able to take critique well

3) Ar t b l o CK

4) Having friends that art better at art than you

5) Seeing random strangers that are better at art that you

6) DuCKinG aRT bLOCK *sobs in ze corner*

7) Not being able to figure out your style because ur an indecisive lil binch

8) Having to buy a motherducking bajillion dollars of art supplies only to realized that you’re only good at drawing with pencils for Inexplicable Reasons™

9) Art block *sad chewbacca noises*

10) Art thieves. Not that I’ve had to deal with them since apparently they only steal high quality art but im assuming it’s pretty annoying

did I mention im having art block im not sure that was clear


anyway sorry for being a total failure of a human being and not posting on here for like 2 months I don’t really have any excuse other that I just didn’t feel like it lmao

I’m a lot more active on Instagram so if u have it u can hmu 


So this was gonna be one of those posts where I just spam a bunch of my art, but I decided against it since I did one of those pretty recently.

I have very mixed feelings when it comes to my own art. One day I can feel amazing about it, and another I’ll feel like I’m never gonne be a great artist.

Also like my ability to create art kind of varies from day to day, if that makes sense? Like I’ll feel super motivated and inspired and I’ll have an idea that I like, then for the rest of the week my creativity center pretty much flatlines.

That’s why I’ve been doing a lot of photo studies and still lifes lately, cause whenever I try to make something of my own I just end up hating it.

I feel kind of bound to my mistakes, y’know? Like I’ll start drawing and then I’ll just unconsciously say in my head ‘Oh, I always mess it up like this, I can’t do it any differently.’ It’s really hard to break out of the bad drawing habits I have, like when I draw legs I always mess them up somehow, and like ingrained in my mind there’s this thing that just says ‘I can’t draw legs’ so I end up drawing them wrong because I expect to draw them wrong.

That was probably a very confusing way of putting it but I don’t really know how else to word it 😂

I don’t really know where I’m going with this tbh, I just thought I should post something since it’s been about 9 days since my last one 😂

Btw I haven’t mentioned this, or at least I don’t think I have, my family’s moving in a month and a half! Basically, our landlady let us rent the place cause she was living in Texas, but she’s moving back in June (I don’t remember why).

My mom’s been looking at houses but we’re still not sure about where exactly we’ll be moving, so hey, at least it’ll be a surprise right 😂

Anyways, here’s a bunch of my recent art which I am totally not throwing at you to raise my self esteem//nervoos sweating

Ooh Dramatic Stuffs + Randomness

I know I complain a lot, but frankly, my life’s not that bad.

I’m sitting in my room right now, enjoying some bean soup and rolls i made myself for dinner (a.k.a. reheated and took out of the bag), and I actually feel pretty happy.

It’s about 7:30 PM, so just about when the sun sets, and I can just barely see it peeking through the trees through my window. There’s always a few minutes when the sun is going down where, instead of blazing white, it’s more mellow and soft orange looking, and that’s my favorite time of day.

Okay that was basically just a dramatic way of saying I like the sunset XD

(omg guys I just heard my mom go “Alexa, play all my explicit music.” 😂😂😂)

I started writing this post last night, but of course I was kinda preoccupied with eating so I sort of left to put my dishes in the sink and never came back 😂 Anyway now ya’ll know what happens to 60 percent of my drafts

So as I was dramatically musing about over my bean soup last night, I think I actually have a pretty good life.

I have my own room, a phone, a computer I share with my brothers, and most of my family is alive and healthy, how many people can say that? Probably a lot but that doesn’t make it something to scoff at.

Okay I’ve said all I feel the need to say about that, Imma just make a random subject change in the interest of extending the length of this post.

Recently, my mom finally allowed me to start watching The Office, that show about a bunch of people who work at a paper company and stuff (I think). That was about the most boring summary of that show ever.

Anyway (again), after watching about half if season six since I don’t have Netflix and had to start watching it in the middle of the series, I’ve come to three conclusions.

1. Andy seems like one of those people that would call themselves heteroflexible because they’re scared of the possibilty that they might be bi (not that that’s wrong I’m just saying(also he kind of looks like Ben Stiller))

2. Jim is the most realistically attractive person I have ever seen, and I will most likely have a crush on him for the next two weeks or longer


Of course it’s just a TV show and it’s all played for laughs so I don’t mind all that much, but fictitious character or not, I still think it’s weird to give someone a turtle boiling pot, a pick, and 2 live turtles for their wedding 😂

This is actually one of my favorite shows at the moment, so I’m glad I still have 7-8 seasons left to watch, even if they’re not necessarily in the right order 😁

Wow this post is like 500 words long already

So, that’s about all I got to say for now, see ya’ll later (god I think living in Georgia is making me more southern 😂)



I’m a fairly reserved person. I don’t like talking about my feelings, because I’m afraid people will judge me or feel uncomfortable when they see how I truely think.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m a psychopath or anything, I don’t secretly wish to murder people (wait the fact that I felt the need to specify that kinda makes it seems like I do tho), I just like to keep things to myself.

WordPress is the site where I most express myself, because, for the most part, none of my followers know me in real life. But even here, there are a lot of things I don’t talk about much, if at all.

As I’ve told you guys, one of the reasons I take so long to write good posts is because it’s hard for me to come up with ideas. The thing is, I do have ideas, but a good percentage of them are ideas I’m too scared to share.

I don’t know what it is exactly that made me this way, but I’m gonna try to undo it. I’m gonna do my best to be more honest and trusting to you guys, and hopefully something good’ll come out of it 😁

I’m still a little scared that this is gonna backfire on me, but hey, worst comes to worse I can always delete the site 😂

Sorry if this post seemed depressing, I’m just really trying to be more confident 😁



Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t done a normal post in like 3 weeks 😅 If you can call this one normal that is lmao

Sooo, my family’s going on a trip! There’s this spiritual confrence thing going on in Sedona, AZ from the 20th to the 29th and my mom’s going to. (I kinda wanna go as well but the tickets are like 333$ so me and my bros are just gonna chill at the air bnb while she goes 😂)

We were gonna leave today cause my mom wanted to be there by Sunday, but due to the fact that we have to clean our entire house before we leave that became an issue XD.

Nah but for real my mom wants to get some sleep before she starts driving

I’ve said ‘my mom’ a lot in this post dang

Anyways, she’s gonna nap for a bit, get up at around 2am, and me and the boys are gonna sleep in the car and wake up in another state, which I think will be pretty cool.

Also, side tangent, Isn’t falling asleep in the car the best feeling? There’s gentle movement to rock you to sleep, the sound of the tires against pavement as ambient noise, and the stars are right out your window.

Earlier today, I went to the optometrist to get my eyes checked and get me some new glasses since Tiger chewed mine up like 4 weeks ago lmao

They did this thing before my vision test where I had to look at a green dot while they took a picture of my eye. I learned later that that was because my mom a had a certain condition which has a long name I can’t remember that made a blood vessel burst in her eye when she was a few years older than I am, and they wanted to make sure she didn’t pass it on to me. Woo, run on sentence.

Luckily, I’m fairly certain I don’t 😅 Although I was worried for a moment, because I thought I saw a slight gray smudge on the picture when I snuck a glance, and clearly my paranoia immediatly screamed “OH MY GOD YOU HAVE EYE CANCER WE GONNA DIE”

The assistent that took the pictures seemed a little confused afterwards when she was looking at the pictures, which undoubtedly soothed my anxiety as you can imagine, but she showed them to the optometrist and apparently, whatever it was, it wasn’t a big deal.

Oh, and if it interests you to know, the optometrist said after my test, “You are extremly nearsighted” which I kind of picked up when I couldn’t see the bottom two rows during the close-up test 😂

Once I picked out some new frames (amd my baby brother laughed at me and said I looked weird 20 times), the lady we talked to told us it would take a couple of hours before they’d be done, so we kinda just drove around for a little bit 😂

After I put them on, it was like I was a blind man seeing again. Okay maybe I shouldn’t be so dramatic about it. But guys, the world has so much depth like omg 5 hours ago trees still looked like green blobs to me okay

Ah, I almost forgot the point of writing this XD

I might not have wifi for the next couple of days (or longer) so if I don’t post, it’s not because I’m being lazy, it’s because I’m on a roadtrip. I don’t exactly have such a good excuse for the last three weeks tho XD

btw if u haven’t noticed by now we’re kinda hippies 😂 well not hippies exactly, but I can’t find a better way to describe it that doesn’t sound weird lmao

I’m excited to go to Sedona, I’ve heard the energy there is really great 😀

Anywaut, baiii

omg why is my dog licking my knee ~Grace