why pencils sharpeners are important

  1. since you wouldn’t have a sharp pencil, you wouldn’t be able to complete all those important tests you had to do
  2. you would fail school
  3. you wouldnt be able to go to university
  4. you wouldn’t be able to meet your future spouse at university
  5. you wouldn’t get a good job
  6. your family would disown you
  7. you wouldn’t have a family
  8. you’d live on the streets
  9. you’d go crazy and start attacking people
  10. EVERYBODY would be like this because they didn’t have pencil sharpeners so they went through the exact same thing
  11. the world would end
  12. dinosaurs would come back and dance among our ashes
  13. aliens would come and zap all the dinosaurs and then dance among everythings ashes
  14.  Dormammu would come and turn the planet purple
  15. Crumbly black things with purple eyes would come and dance on the purple planet
  16. there would be lots of evil dancing

And that is why we must thank the person who invented pencil sharpeners.


and as I always say,

Image result for quote meme


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