About me! (this shoulda been my first post….)


Today I’m going to post my second post that should have been my first post but is my second post for some reason other than me posting.

Image result for ya get what i'm saying gif


I’m a 13 year-old girl living somewhere in Canada (you shall never know where….). I also am homeschooled. Some people call it ‘unschooling’ but that really doesn’t make sense… I’m starting grade 9 this year which is just like WHOOO. And also like NOOO. am dealing with confusion here.

As you have probably guessed I am very random and am known for random spewing. Am proud of this.

I like cats, reading, procrastinating, procrastinating my procrastinating, taekwondo, and Sherlock. SHERLOCK IS LIFE

I can sometimes use WAY too many gifs when I’m bored….like waaaaaay too many…

My religion is The Office. Also memes and gifs. Basically I should be sued for false religions. (is that a thing?)

I’m sleep deprived right now so I probably shouldn’t be posting……..but HERE I  AM BREAKING MY OWN RULES (don’t worry I’m not always like this((aw who am I kidding I’m always like this)))

I cant think of anything else about myself so


and as I always say;

Image result for relatable memes



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