2017 Solar Eclipse Ahhhhhhhhh

Hola mis amigos, que pasa!

forgive me, OY30, for dishonoring your memory… 😦

ANYWAYS, on a lighter note, me and my family are going to this really pretty camp in North Carolina for the 2017 solar eclipse, which, for those of you who don’t know, is on the 21st! 😀

Here are some pictures, because it’s honestly just such a beautiful place, plus I need to pad out this post-

Um you’ve never had a problem with short posts before.

Dang I thought you were gone.

Nupe, I shall haunt your conscience forever 🙂

Whatever, anyway, here’s the pictures! 😀


I forgot the name of the place…

Welp, I guess the pictures have to wait for another time because I don’t feel like getting up and going into the next room to ask my mom what it’s called.

I’m so sorreeeeh, plz forgive meh

So anehways again, are you guys going to be watching the eclipse? Will you be watching it with a group? Tell meeeeeeh



*lol I just realized that it’s become normal for me to do this -I mean my inner heckler- in my posts, but you guys probably think it’s really weird XD



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