What Happens When You Screw Up Your Sleep Cycle


I haven’t posted in like forever, BUT don’t let that make you hesitant to read the following post about why I was only awake for three hours yesterday (you read that right).


ANYWAY *sigh*, for the past, I dunno, maybe month or so, I’ve been having to get up really early, then go to sleep late because my body was still not used to my new wake up hours. HENCE, I’ve only been getting four hours of sleep per night. For a month. 30 days. In a row.

Yesterday, my body finally crashed and I woke up at 2 PM. I only made it to 5PM, then I slept for about 12 hours. AND I’M STILL TIRED. I guess this is my body’s way of getting me back for depriving it of sleep. DAMMIT.