The Music Tag

Eyyyy first time I’ve actually done a tag on time in a while. Feels gud. Eenyway, I was nominated by, bah da bah da ba da, The_Great_Awesome! Go check er out, she’s awesome. I MEAN IT, GO NOW. Checked out? Good.

Okaayy, so here’s le questions

  1. What’s your favourite band?
  2. What genre would you say you listen to the most?
  3. What song do you have stuck in your head?
  4. What’s your favourite new album of this year?
  5. (The nominator chooses for the  nominees)

What’s your favourite band

Forever in Your Mind. Sue me.

What genre would you say you listen to the most?

Probably country *thick shower of computers rains provided by protesting readers rains down on my head* DAMMIT GUYS THE HEAD WELT FROM LAST TIME JUST HEALED!

What song do you have stuck in your head?

Okay, since I don’t really have any “reputation” to protect, (at least not a good one XD) I’m just going to say it. Once Upon a December from Anastasia. I’d be ashamed but I’ve got worse things to be embarrassed about. 

What’s your new favorite album of this year?

Don’t have one haha I don’t even think I’ve listened to a full album before in my life. I feel like I made a non grammar related mistake in that last sentence but I don’t know what it was. oh well.

Who do you think the worst singer/ band ever is?


But you’re not-

*growls* ME.

You don’t understand, it has to be-

*grabs you by the shoulders and gives you my Death Stare* ME.

OKEEE DOKEE I think that’s it for my answers.

Thank god.


I nominate Ivy if she hasn’t been nominated yet, and whoever else sees this and hasn’t already done it.

My question for le nominee(s) is…

Have you ever played a song in your head so many times you started hearing it with your actual ears.

By the way, I have done that. Although I might just be a crazy person who hears things that aren’t there XD.
Lol I’m thinking of a new tagline for the blog. Mental health issue’s? None that I know of, but if you hang around me long enough, someone in the relationship’s bound to go crazy

Is that too inappropriate? I just wanna make sure it isn’t offensive to people with actual mental health issues.