The Longest Post Ever Tag

I am creating… *drumroll please* the Longest Post Ever Tag! You know, because I’m bored and stuff. Anyway *probs gonna be using this word a lot in this post*, let’s get to the juiciest bit, Da Rulez (just kidding XD)

Tag at least 5 people
Mention the creator of the tag (moi)
Write a post that is at least 10 words longer than your current longest post.
Highlight the words long, longer, and longest (optional)

Anyone remember like 7 months ago when I wrote My Longest Post Ever? Probably not, I only had like 4 followers at the time XD. Anyway *where is all this money going?*, since that is no longer my longest post, (not even by a long shot) I’m writing this.
Since I don’t know exactly how long my longest post is, I’m just going to shoot for 1,500 words and hope my thumbs can take it lol.

Starting at 10:35 PM on June 5th

I just watched Spider Man, the one with Andrew Garfield. SIDE TANGENT, my councilor’s brother looked exactly freaking like andrew garfield.
OH, and while I’m on the subject of camp (Woooo, smooth transition), I might as well talk about it, cause, uh, I need more words.
One time Tarah and I and like 15 other campers hiked to this waterfall about and hour away from our cabins.
It was literally the most physically difficult thing that I have ever done. The trail was downhill the whole way there (it’s surprisingly difficult to walk down steep hills), and we literally had to climb a mountain to get back.
Buuuut, we did get to zipline over a river on the way back, so that was awesome.

June 6th

Aww, my baby brother Is trying to climb into my lap :3 :3 I don’t know whether to be happy or annoyed. He was just using me to get closer to the window 😥
Wow, I just realized that this is starting to seem more like a journal entry than a post XD We’re having pizza tonight, makes me wish there was a day of the week that started with a ‘P’. Someday….
I’m going to write a random sentence from the suggested words. Aaaand, START!

Also the reason for this calendar for next year I have to do with it and I will be in the morning.

Oh god that was awful XD

SHORT STORY TIME or something

Snowflakes fall gently from the sky, down to the soft bed made by it’s
brothers on the forest floor. Some alight short of thier destination, and
instead come to rest on the my eyelashes. I blink them away, and with
them, thoughts of home. It’s been hard living in Wisconsin. I used to live in South Carolina.
There, it’s always warm, and almost never snows. Here, it’s snowy for five months a year, and that’s on warm ones. Everyone here is always so… Happy to see the snow. They come out of their houses, without even bothering to wrap up, and they just… Watch it fall.
When I see the snow, I just feel cold and small and empty. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to it. But then why doesn’t anything else here bother me?

I honestly have no idea where that came from Xd

June 7th

This is a test of your perseverance (and also simultaneously a way to
find out if any of you actually read my posts 😈), if you’ve made it this far, post a ‘😤’ in the comment section. Fun fact: most people use that particular emoji to express anger or annoyance, but it’s actually supposed to express triumph. Ya see what I did there *nudge nudge*? D-did you see what I did there?
I’m just spit balling here, but does anyone think I’m popular enough to have a raffle? I mean, I guess only have like five active followers, so it probably wouldn’t work… By the way, thanks if you are one of my active followers (which probably everyone reading this is. Cause that’s kinda… never mind). Shout out The_Great_Awesome, Riley, Tony, Victoria, and Riseofthechairs

First word count okay, lessseeee…. 691! I must say, not bad for three whole days of work XD. But seriously, by the time I finish this post, It’s gonna be longer than any of the stories I’m currently in the process of writing. No, wait, actually…. *checks seperate Docx file word count* yeah I was right the first time.
On the broight side, I had to think carefully when I was writing those. This, well, not so much. And I’ve also kinda just been talking out of my ass for the last 250 words 😂.
So, I guess now I’m going to explain how what I just said was related to what I’m going to say. The word ‘broight’, which if you couldn’t tell was my weird semi-distorted way of saying ‘bright’.
Okay, this is going to take a while to explain, so I suggest you make some popcorn, or whatever would be better suited to reading my ‘meh’ quality material.
So, when I was like 10 years old, I used to read this book series called Redwall. In that series, all of the characters were anthropomorphic animals. A few of those characters were moles, and the moles had a strange accent, which was sometimes hard to understand.
For example, a normal person, animal, whatever, would say ‘bright’. The moles would say ‘broight’ (BTW, their language is called molespeak).
Well that took less time than I thought it would :-[. Anyway, back to the actual tangent. Have you read any of the Redwall series? And if so, what was your favorite book? Mine was Matthias. Fun fact, my dad used Redwall as an illustration to explain how a copy right works XD love ya Dad.
I just realized how small that tangent was in comparison to the explanation. 😑
Wow, we’re almost at a thousand words! Maybe I actually have a chance of finishing this post in June! Oh, I have a beautiful video for you! U gonna love it, especially the first 10 seconds 😊.

JackSepticEye animations are the best. 😸
Did you ever notice how a Times New Roman lowercase ‘L’ kind of looks like a closing bracket? (Comparison: l ])
I’m running out of ideas… Oh, wait, we reached a thousand words! 1,021 to be precise. Huh, I’ve actually said ‘oh’ more than ‘anyway’ *DAMMIT*. Maybe I should just try for 1,500… I’m fairly sure my longest post is still shorter than that, right?
Right? *someone help me please I don’t feel like checking every post please please please I’ll give you my kidney eeeeeeeeeehnnnn*.
Bleeeeeeeeeeh there’s still like 366  words left or something like that. Numbers. Learning. School. *epiphany* Quiz! I’ll put it at the end of the post so all of those people who just read the beginning and end of long posts can still get a chance. Better fire up my ‘F’ launcher (hehe, FOP reference. I DON’T WATCH BABY SHOWS I SWEAR)

I just realized something. I use parentheses way to much.


I-I tried, your  royal b-b-benevolentness, but you threatened to-


I’m gonna be a good Queen 😇

So I’ve still got a couple more words to go…. I have no idea what to do.

Oh! I shall do another RaNdOm SeNtEnCe

But I don’t know if you have any questions or concerns please visit the lockouts page and the other day.

Poetry in the making, my friends.

POP QUIZZZZZZ longest post edition
No peeking back at the post again, eyes on your own paper, you have 5 minutes. If I catch you cheating you will be stripped of all electronics and sellable organs and thrown into The Hole. Post your answers in the comments section to be graded. And your time staaarts…. Now!

  1. What emoji is meant to express triumph, but is often misused
  2. What is the name of the book series I used to enjoy when I was 10 years old? (Here’s a hint: some of the characters are anthropomorphic moles)
  3. What was King Jack’s first on-camera decree?
  4. Which popular actor did my councilor’s brother resemble?
  5. When my baby brother crawled on my lap yesterday, was he…

   A: Doing it because he loved me. 

   B: Trying to reach the window next to me. 

   C: Pretending to climb a mountain.

   6.What letter do I wish had a day starting with it?

   7.In alphabetical order, What are the names of my five active     followers?

   8. Did I use ‘Oh’ or ‘Anyway’ more in this post?

   9. I have ziplined over a _____

  10.What grade do expect to get on this “test”?

What is…
my name?

Some of you might have a little trouble with the extra credit. You have been warned.

Almost forgot to tag people XP






Biiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaa (B-a-a-a-i-i-i is copywroted. Pbbbbbtthhhhht)



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