Aerabeth, Chapter 1: Wrongful Conviction

I got the idea for this from a writing prompt on EmeraldPhoenix’s blog, The Realm of Writing. You should really check her stuff out! 😀


“I didn’t do it!” I scream. “I’m innocent!”

“Then explain how you were the only other person in the king’s chambers at the time of his murder!” The investigator hisses savagly, slamming his fist down on the table separating us.

“I don’t know!” I choke out. I’m crying now. Great.

Two green-clad guards lead me roughly into a small gray cell. There is a pair of heavy shackles hanging from the ceiling by two thick chains. In the corner of the room, there is a toilet without a lid, and a small bucket that looks like it hasn’t been washed in a very long time.

I stare for a moment, my eyes wide with shock. They can’t be putting me in here, there must be some mistake…

Nope. They unceremoniously shove me in without even bothering to take the gag out of my mouth. One of them laughs when I notice a scrape on my palm and start sobbing.

“You’d better be a lot tougher ‘n you look if you expect to survive down here,” the mean guard jeers. I try to think of a comeback but panic and anger cloud my mind. All I can do is scowl darkly and pretend his comment hasn’t affected me. But it has.

His words swirl toxically through my brain as the guards remove the gag from my mouth and fasten the chains to my wrists, and after they slam the think iron door behind them, locking me in. Even into what I can only judge to be night by the dim sound of heavy boots clattering past my cell, the words are still heavy on my mind.

The cold shackles bit into my wrists, now numb with pain. I hang my head wearily, which is the closest I can get to lying down. If only I could sleep, just for a little while. Sleep… pain courses through my body, jolting me cruelly awake. A small thought begins to form in my tired mind.

A little spark of hope

An idea that would’ve never crossed my mind before today

A way out


*Insert stupid self deprecating joke her*