Thin Ice

This is one of my best stories, because, unlike most, I don’t cringe when I read it. Lol just kidding.


   “Waaaoooooh!” Jayme says loudly, her face twisted into a frustrated 

knot. Her feet are wedged into a too-small pair of ice skates, and she is 

struggling to stay up. She glances towards her friends, Oliver and

 Melissa, to see how they’re doing. They are gliding side by side 

gracefully across the ice. They make it look so easy. 

   “Hey Jayme, you okay?” Melissa shouts from the other side of the 

frozen pond.

   “Let’s see, my skates are too small, I can’t skate, and you guys deserted 

me… No I’m doing just peachy!”. Melissa makes a slightly offended face, 

and bursts out laughing. 

   “I’ll take that as a ‘no’ then?”. Jayme nods 

grumpily and crosses her arms over her chest, then begins sliding 

forward on the ice. Melissa and Oliver glide over to her, and each puts 

one of her arms over their shoulders.

Jayme pulls a a face and says, “I’d rather go to school on a Saturday 

than do that again.” 

  “Stop being so obstinate. Sheesh, girls.” Oliver cuts in.

Melissa punchs him in the arm “Shut up, stupid.”. Oliver looks hurt by 

his girlfriend’s insult, but he quckly recovers and decides that he 

probably should “shut up”. Aftere a while Jayme feels Oliver reaching 

behind her back to tug Melissa’s hair playfully. 

  “Hey loverboy, concentrate will ya’, or I’ll pull your hair.”.

He looks at her innocently and pulls his hand back, pretending nothing

 happened, then begins whistling. 

   “Good boy, we’re on land now, so if you’d like you can walk next to 

your girlfriend. Unless of course you’re enjoying 

my company?” She bats her eyes flirtatiously. 

   “Oh, uuhhm, what to do what to-” He quickly goes behind her and

 begins to walk with Melissa, 

flashing back a smirky grin. Melissa laughs at him and says 

  “You’re so cute, this is why I kept you.”.

Jayme pretends to puke and Oliver sticks out his tongue at her. 

   “Melissa, I find your taste in guys appalling.”. 

   “What about my taste in guys?” Oliver says jokingly.

   “I find you appalling.” she replies. He whines like a puppy “But I’m adorable.”. 

   “Yes you are.” says Melissa in a sweet voice.


I hope I don‘t regret this.



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