This is a poem about outer space.

It’s an ongoing, endless, asteroid-filled place .

If you get lost there, you wont’t get back home.

Space is just right for people who love being alone.

Am I one of those people? It’s a question you might ask.

I’m gonna’ run away to outer space, and most likely not come back.

As I started to pack my bags, I heard a voice inside my head,

‘Don’t run away yet’ the voice has said,

‘You’ve family, and talent and money and friends,

why would you want all of that to come to an end?’

‘You make an extremly convincing case,

but here’s why I want to get out of this place,

on Earth there’s pollution, starvation and war.’

‘I never thought about it quite that way before,

perhaps you’re correct’, says the voice in my head.

I’ve been talking so long, now I must go to bed,

but maybe tomorrow I’ll run away,

at least I probably will someday.


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