New Story

Chapter 1


Chloe shivers and hugs her purple and green striped comforter close.  She stares out the frosty window anxiously, hoping to catch a glimps of her grandmother’s little red Volvo. The doorbell chimes loudly, as if to say “I haven’t got all day!” Chloe stumbles out of bed, and trips over a half used box of chalk sticks. She rights herself, and rushes to the door.

“Who is it?” Chloe asks cautiously, doing her best to sound like

an adult, as her mother had taught her to do before letting anyone inside the house.

“It’s me dear, Grandma Ellie.”

“If it’s really you, then, uh, what’s my favorite color?”

“Blue and red, but you can’t decide so you always say that it’s


The door flys open, and Chloe throws herself into her grandmother. The old woman chuckles and sets down her parcel on the coffee table. 

           “What say we have some cocoa?” She says with a laugh.

           “Oh yes Grandma, let’s!”

Grandma hums cheerfully and pours water into the shiny kettle on the stove. Chloe’s watches intently, and scribbles something in her notepad.

           “Why, what are you doing dear?”

           “I’m talking notes so I can make cocoa like you.”

           “Aw, that’s my smart girl. Just remember, don’t handle boiling water without me or your mommy’s help, okay?”

Chloe nods, and continues to jot down her notes. When the cocoa is finally finished, Grandma pours some into her own large black mug, and Chloe’s purple cup. She hands Chloe’s cup to her carefully, and smiles as the little girl blows on her cocoa.

           “Now dear, nothing goes better with cocoa than a story! Which one would you like to hear?”

“Tell me about the magic forest Grandma Ellie!” Chloe  exclaims,

while spinning around in her seat excitedly.

“Of course dear. Would you like to sit with me?” Grandma sits

down slowly, and motions for Chloe to sit in her lap. Chloe nods and perches comfortably in her grandmother’s lap.

“There is a magical forest, and to the naked eye, it seems all but

uninhabited. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see that it’s full of life. There is all manner of magical creatures, Unicorns, Pheonix, Elves, Fairies, you name it. The sprites live in small huts constructed from grass and mud, near the streams and brooks that snake through the forest. The trolls prefer to take refuge underground, because their skin is quite sensitive to sunlight, and though it is rather uncomfortable for them, they won’t turn to stone. The fairies inhabit the glade, the elves the riverbanks, the centaurs the thicket, and of course there are a few animals dotted over each section of the forest. Each creature lives with their own respective species, and rarely ever makes contact with any other type of creature but their own. But once a month, on the full moon, this still forest awakens, and all the creatures that live in it reveal themselves so as to soak up the moonrays that give them life. Every creature, great and small, young and old, gather around the sacred stone, called the Receiving Stone, which marks the center of the forest to absorb the moonbeams. Everyone is at peace with one another.”.

     Chloe gazes excitedly at her grandmother, her silver gray eyes shining with anticipation.

“You’ve been there, haven’t you. Will you take me there?”.

Grandma smiles and brushes a loose strand of hair out of Chloe’s eyes.

“Yes Chloe, in fact, I used to visit there quite frequently, but I

remember it like it was yesterday. I’m sorry dear, I can’t take you there. At least, not now. But maybe someday when you’re older…” Her voice trails off, and her gaze glazes over like that of a person deep in thought.



sandy-haired elf boy sticks his tongue out at the fuming woman behind him, and sprints toward the crescent-moon shaped rock that marks the center of the forest.

“No, I want to make the Receiving Stone glow! You never let me

go near it except for on Lun’e, it’s not fair!”.

He angrily pulls out a small, blue amulet, and pushes it into the hole at the top of the Receiving Stone. He steps back, and watches excitedly as the magical rock begins to light up. The elven woman catches up to him, and begins scolding him angrily.

“Chara, I told you not to touch that, what were you thinking?!”

She then notices the Receiving Stone lit up brightly, and a look of fear crosses her face. Chara gives her a satisfied smirk, which fades from his face quickly when he sees his mother’s frightened expression.

“Mother, what’s wrong?” Mother looks down at him, and tells him to go to the house.

“Why are you scared?” .

“Chara, just go. Please, for your own safety.”

She then turns, and shoves him towards the house. Chara runs 

inside and stands on his tiptoes to look out the window at his mother. 

He sees her bend over and attempt to remove the amulet, before a 

bright flash of light blinds him, causing him to fall backwards. When he 

comes to, he rushes out to his mother, who is collapsed near the 

cracked Receiving Stone. He shakes her shoulders, desperately hoping 

that she isn’t just asleep, that if he shakes hard enough and yells loudly 

enough, she will open her eyes and tell him that everything is okay. But 

deep inside, he knows that she never will. He curls up next to her body, 

and clutches her cold hand tightly. I’m really alone now 

You may be wondering why I posted this on here. I have a good reason. This site actually has followers! Sorry bout that. Anyway, *poo* hope you liked the story! (Even though I’m an amateur and write like one)


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