One of the Most Satisfying Moments of My Life (and Some Embarrassing Shit to Even it Out)

This just came to mind, I thought I’d share it because it was one of my best moments ( I don’t have many). 

Anywayyyy, *holy shiz* last month on Easter, I made lemon cookies and brought them to my grandparent’s house for everyone, cause manners. Everybody liked them, even my grandpa, who, truth be told, hardly likes anything! CAN IT GET ANY BETTER? YES IT CAN. The next day, he called especially to tell me that he brought the leftovers to work and everybody loved them! 

Now an embarrassing story, because obviously it wouldn‘t be right for me to leave on a high.
So when I was at camp last year, the way it worked was you get there on

 Monday, the boy’s swim test is on Tuesday, and the girls go on 

Wednesday. The entire first half of the week, I was super pumped for 

the swim test, cause even people who suck at swimming and can’t go in 

water deeper than 4′ 8″ can pass the test *sarcasm*. You know what’s 

coming. I failed. Twice. The first time, the lady fished me out and asked 

if I wanted to try again. I guess almost drowning numbs your brain, *or

 my brain is always numb* cause I said yes. And she had to fish me 

out again. Couldn’t possibly have gotten any worse, right? WRONG. Not 

only was I the one girl who failed the test, I had to make things worse 

and cry about it. In front of everybody. That was the most  

embarrassing moment of my entire life. For now. But I’m okay, I’m fine. *grins and dies a little inside*

*Just to clarify, I never learned to swim when I was little, and when I finally was taught *cough a month before I went to camp cough*, I only learned the bare basics.


Never fear, people of WordPress, for I shall never run out of embarrassing stories as long as I live


65 thoughts on “One of the Most Satisfying Moments of My Life (and Some Embarrassing Shit to Even it Out)

  1. Reminds me of something that happened to ME when I went to camp this one time.
    So I went to camp and we had the swimming test a few days after we got there. I didn’t know how to swim at ALL so I just said ‘cant swim’ so they gave me a special bracelet that showed everyone I couldn’t go in the water farther then my knees. I was the only one with this bracelet. And then when they were putting it on these people were stupid enough to think they could use lighters to burn the ends together so it was more comfortable. and guess wat. I GOT BURNED. so I had to run down to the water and shove my wrist in and then of course someone walks up and tells me I cant be there so I say I have to cuz I got burned. I still have a scar.

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      1. Oh yeeeaaaah. I always kinda thought they looked like hooks. or the side of a shed or something….but they look like carrots too. (oh btw is that how phone numbers go in the US? cuz here instead of 1111 111 111 it would be (111)-111-1111

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