A Random Post + Semi-Creepy Short Story

Yeah… You probably already know this, but I’m like a super sensitive person. Not like the way hot vampire dudes are sensitive, like my feelings get easily hurt sensitive. Did that make sense? Eh, probably not, BUT I’M TOO TIRED TO DELETE IT SO SUE ME. TOTALLY UNRELATED, but have any of you seen that stupid Progressive commercial that’s like a soap opera? It just came on and reminded me why I don’t like soap opera’s. Oh, and Riley kicked me off Riley’s Backpack like a month ago. I’m not crying, you’re crying! *curls up in the corner and crys for an hour*

I’m okay now *eye twitches violently*. I just realized how completely random and everywhere this post is… But hey, you couldn’t explain my personality any other way!

Actually, you can, I have a list.

*laughs* Really? You couldn’t possibly-

*unrolls 5 foot long scroll* Okay, let’s see, annoying, nerdy, weird, obsessive, lame, embarressing- should I keep going?

*sniffs* No, I get the picture. *crys for another hour*

A Short Story About My Slow Decent Into Madness

No Idea Where I’m Going With This One

Author’s note: This is the creepiest thing I’ve ever written (obviously I’m not so hot at horrer writing)

You walk into my bedroom a week after this post and look around. You can’t 

seem to spot me, so you sit on my bed, and almost crush my tablet. Since 

you’re bored and you came all this way from wherever the heck you live, you 

decide to try to crack the password and maybe play a game. After an 

unsuccessful 15 minutes of typing, you hear a sad moan eminating from the 

closet. You cautiously approach, and slide open the creaky doors. You brush 

through several outdated dresses and a few scratchy coats, and blink 

repeatedly in the muggy darkness. Once your eyes adjust, you look around, and 

have almost signed off my house as haunted, but in the very darkest corner, 

you spot movement. You peer carefully at the blanket-swathed form shaking 

before you. You wonder if it’s a dying animal, and the thought causes you to 

jump back toward the door. Once you take a closer look, you realized that it is 

actually 13 year old girl rocking back and forth in the fetal position. “Umm, 

are you…okay?” You say in a low voice. Silence. And before you know it, you 

realize that the figure is coming toward toward you.

There goes the remaining people who didn’t already think I’m a weirdo! Aloha, good riddance, auf wiedersehen, adios, and other such words that mean good bye.

Riley, no need to explain why you kicked me off, I already know I suck, so no hard feelings 🙂


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