LBS #1

Haaaay, I decided to make my Little Bro Stories into a series!


WARNING: If you don’t like reading stories about puke, please click away


So anyway *jammit*, we were bored, and my second youngest bro, we’ll call him E, dare my oldest little bro, P, to chug down a cup of soy sauce. Well, P got that down all right (surprisingly), and we were looking for something else to make him drink. We almost made him drink Liquid Smoke (a brand of oven cleanser, I think), because the packaging made it look like it was hotsauce. So, after we almost gave P poisen, we found the olive oil. He took one sip, but looked all right, so we dared him to drink more. Guess what he does next? CHUG DOWN A WHOLE CUP OF PURE MOTHERFUCKING OLIVE OIL. Yeah, you see where I’m going with this? Anyyyyyywai *ha ha, doesn’t count XP*, P puked it and the entire contents of his stomach up pretty quickly. Oh, and it gets better. Guess where he puked? ON TOP OF EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR DISHES. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. There will be the faint scent of stomach acid and partially digested food gracing the table for every one of our next 10 meals. Also, he puked some more in the toilet. And didn’t flush. E was the next person to go in there. Ever since then he’s looked like somebody hit him it the face with a raw fish and then made him eat it. Weird comparison, but you’d get it if you could see him.

Not exactly essential to the story, but somehow there was pieces of chicken in there. Which is creepy. Because the last time we ate meat was a month ago. In the middle of April. A month ago.

Anyway, moral of the story is: Never drink a cup of pure olive oil, it will jack you up.

Also, I apologize sincerely to everybody who reads this


5 thoughts on “LBS #1

      1. :V k I SO feel sorry for you right now because whenever I see someone barf I will go into what I call a ‘defensive position’.

        basically I just curl up into a ball while covering my ears.

        Liked by 1 person

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