Err, do you guys remember me?

Guys. Do you remember me? I don’t blame you if you don’t. After all, I’ve been gone for, um, over a month now. We know, get on with it Captian Obvious. Fine, geez. If you aren’t in a listen-to-a-randomgirl-on-the-internet-rant-about how-much-certain-brothers-suck mood, then you’re welcome to click away (actually, I’d really appreciate if you didn’t, cuz due to inactivity, stats are way down ;-; RAAAAAHHHH!!!).


SO, the oldest of my little brothers, weeeell, how do I put this delicately? Was directly related to the brutal and merciless destruction of our Wi-Fi cable. Ya’ see, we have all our school stuff, including the computer (which is occasionally used for skool), set up in the corner, and if you’re facing the computer, the Wi-Fi cable is hung upmalong the wall to your left. HOWEVER,  sometimes it slips out of the brackets, and ends up on the floor. WELL, this time (keep in mind, my brother is pretty much the only one that ever uses the CPU) not only did my *through teeth* L o V l Y  b R o T h E r  ignore the cord on the floor, he fricken SMASHED IT under the foot of his chair! And apparently the cable guy isn’t able to come until the 21st!! I know it was an accident, but DAMMIT it pretty much evaporated my online presence. You know what the the maddening cherry on this frustration sundae is? Our mom didn’t even yell at him. I know it’s wrong for me to want him to be punished and my mom to be angry, but srsly, she’s yelled at me for knocking something over (something literally almost unbreakable).

Forgive my childish outburst of rage, carry on with your online life, while I attempt to piece together the shattered remnants of mine. Cheers!


Don’t ever, ever, EVER let my brother near your Wi-Fi cable
(I know I already did my endnote thing, but just wanted to let you know I wrote a few more stories during my time in the prison I like to call internetlessness. I’ll post them over on my story and art blog, My Artistic Fluff)


10 thoughts on “Err, do you guys remember me?

  1. YAY! Glad you returned!

    I actually had a quick question. You made a post for Turning the Tide (“Sea, by Stacy”). I have now added a way for you to add images, if you would like to try to do so!

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