Bitter Sugar

Why helloooooo there.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that i’m failing at being an author here, but HEYLLLLOOOO I’M HERE NOW AND THAT’S WHAT MATTERS EYYYY *snaps fingers*

I wrote a song about being in a bad state of mind! So, the least I could do would be to post it, so here ya go.

Bitter Sugar”


Raging war ruthlessly.

Heart palpitation,

Bitter sugar, all I see.


Suffocation embroidering.

Cotton candy,


Bitter sugar, head to toe,

Cracks in skin to bone below.

The more I feel, the less I know,

Just one grain in my mind had grown.

Bitter sugar, all I see,

Bitter sugar, all I breathe.

Bitter sugar, all I believe,

Bitter sugar found it’s home in me.

Hold away,

Until it’s everywhere.

I don’t want it here,

But it stays there.

Cake and ice-cream,

Vanilla I said,

But I got bitter sugar,

Served to me instead.

Snowfall’s snowflakes,

I taste it in the air.

I’m going to freeze,

Before fire cares.

Bitter sugar, all I think,

I tasted teardrops in my teeth.

Bitter sugar, take some for free,

Bitter sugar found it’s home in me.


Bouncy treat.




Sinister waste.



And I thought I was clean,

I thought I was free.

For once I believed,

It didn’t control me.



Bitter sugar,

Is back.

I think it’s concerning that this is one of dozens of songs I have written about sadness.

Should I be afraid?

Regardless, I hope you enjoy even though AGAIN i’ve been failing at posting here.

So yeh!

Have wonderful lives!


Good job Victoria πŸ™‚


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