Video Ideas :/ ?

Hai my widdle packs of skittles ( I wuvs skittles :3 ❀ ). Sadly, the day of Patrick is over ( I’m guessing he’s back under his rock, eating donuts and watching cartoons right now (‘: ). On a much sadder note, my brothers curse has been lifted D’:   ( whhhhhyyy ). 

Anyways *puts quarter in bucket* (wow, I’m a dollar in the hole already), I posted a YouTube video last Saturday, and I want to post at least once a week, but unfortunatly for anyone *cough “me”* who cares, I have no prerecorded video and I’m in a bit of a creative slump. 

So here comes the part that you all knew was coming. *takes deep breath* Do you guys have any video ideas? Mah deer fren Riseofthechairs suggested that I play Undertale, (que “ahhs” from all the Undertale fans) but sadly, I have insufficent funds to procure such an expensive (it’s what, like, 10 whole dollars?!) game.

Anyw- dagnabbit, I already said that- so,  post your ideas below, and I ‘ll credit you in the video (ooh, recognition). 

Do NOT mess wif me while I’m eating my ice cream, I will end you.


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