Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Plus Twice as Many Veiws as Last Year!

Hallo me little lepracauns, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I know that some people don’t really celebrate it (myself included), but in the spirit of being extremely bored and having no life, I decided to go along with one of the more enjoyable traditions: The Pinch Games. 

Up until a certain point, I failed to realize the absence of any green clothing from my body. LUCKily, no one took advantage of my vulnerability, and I soon managed to procure a green sock, which invested in a me a power that I promptly put to use, i.e pinched my little brother black and blue.

The same brother pinched another green-clad sibling of mine, obviously unaware of the small green stripes that adorned said siblings diaper. The point being, dat boy straight up cursed. Anyway, *puts quarter in bucket* do you guys have any similar stories? If so, I would love to hear (or read, I ain’t picky) them.

Now, shall we get to the next part of our jolly celebration? Earlier today, I hapened to check my stats and I noticed that we officially have twice as many views as last year. Just for ref, last year we had 659 views, and so far this year we have a whopping 1326! Altogether, that’s 1985 , the next milestone post will probably be 2,500 views!

Thank you guys so much for reading my shitty posts, you did this, I love you guys! And a special thanks to Bittersweetlyirrevocable, Riseofthechairs, and to a slightly lesser extent, InfinitMagic, for posting and accumulating a joint view count of 28 views! Let’s give them a hand folks! * wild cheering and clapping* Yeah! Anyways, *puts another quarter in the bucket* baiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiiiiiiiiiii

Don’t pinch someone wearing green unless you are also wearing it. It takes a long time to cure a curse.


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