halla yous, uh, *makes thinky face and pretends to be looking for the proper word, but really is thinking about cat videos and Instagram*. Anyways *puts quarter in bucket* i’m gonna be able to a little bit, just probably at really weird times (like 11 PM-2 AM ish or super early in the morning like rn) and I wont be very active, but I am able to use my brothers computer (which was supposed to be for all of us) to post. Sorry for the false alarm, please don’t hate me! *makes adorable puss in boots kitty cat face*. Btw, i just saw Victoria, a.k.a bittersweetlyirrevocable’s first post, great job Vic (hehe, are you triggered?). HUGS AND KISSES FOR EVERYONE *insert sparkly heart emojis* love you guys 😉

If you want to be scarred for life, play happy wheels for 2 minutes and feel it sink in.


8 thoughts on “Surprise!

      1. it doesn’t recognise that username…..this is very embarrassing considering i just posted about u joining……


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