why hellloooooooo there

Turns out, Stacy can’t post for the next 2 weeks, so I figure I’d go ahead and get my start since i’ve been added as an author on here.

I’ll be trying to entertain you lot, but I may fail, fair warning.


You want info? Here ya go.

I’m Victoria, bittersweetlyirrevocable, someone with a very deep mind. I’m a female (hurrah). I am musical! I play piano (as of 5 years, what what), basic guitar (started last July but it’s pretty clear i’m not going anywhere with it *plays mostly muted C#m smiling with a double chin*), and ukulele as of January. Surprisingly, I’m good at ukulele but I suck at guitar.

Also, I come from another lovely webby site thingy, rileysbackpack.com! I am the newest author with DumCheese and Jamesblonde123, and featured author TheLittleMagicGirl, the author I just so happen to be writing for right now!!!

Smooth transition. Man, i’m awesome.

edit by riseofthechairs (i second that)

Lol, I wish.

To go on more, I’m a klutz. A huge klutz. I fall, y’know how it is. I tend to be a goofy person and I like to spin around when I walk from the kitchen to my bedroom. This resulted in me slipping on the wet ground where my dog’s water bowl was, and it really hurt. This is only one event to add in my novella for my clumsy related stories and/or injuries.


Now that I think about it, I haven’t fallen in a while…I thought this was impossible.

I write songs, too!

That being said, I’ll try to be posting. Stacy’s Blog is pretty awesome and cool and stuff.

I have nothing else to say….


Okay, bye now. Have wonderful lives.



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