well hello there

It may please a select few of you to know that the title of this introduction was almost “How’s it Goin’ Bitches?” before I deemed it too inappropriate for a first introduction. Maybe next time.

Hello to the panful of duckbilled platypi who are currently feasting their eyes upon this very post. My name is Irene Storm (http://random-name-generator.info/), a recently acquired friend of Stacy’s.

There was a post on this blog titled “What oh What Should I Blog About?” that goes as follows:

Here are 10 ideas for what to blog about when it feel like you’ve used up your ideas.

1. Your life. Unless it’s boring.

2. Your favorite thing. Unless it is anything the ’20 Things Every Person Really Hates’ list.

3. Your boyfriend/girlfriend. Unless you don’t have one.

4. Your town. Unless it sucks.

5. Your friends. Unless they’re boring too.

6. Your family. Unless they’re dead or boring.

7. Your pet. Unless you don’t have one.

8. Talents that you have. Unless you don’t have any.

9. Write a review about a book, movie or game you have.

10. If you’ve come this far without being able to use any of the other ideas, it means you are very boring, and need to get a life.

Sadly, I crossed off every item on that list until I got to number 10. I have been deemed a boring person by the admin herself. But wait! No, I can not be. There is still one thing that may make me worth talking to:


Your first response will be to ask me to die a painful death. That’s okay. My puns are pretty killer. ((pun #1))

[laugh track]

No? Nobody?

All right.

That’s it for now. “Writer’s block is a real thing, despite what anyone says.” -me

[dramatically bows to all of my adoring fans (that happens to consist of -3 people)]

-Irene Storm


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