District 12

This is a story I wrote about Katniss Everdeen before the hunger games

The leaves barely shifted as I crept through them, for my body was trained to be silent 

and effcient. The grey deer lifts its head, ears up, startled. Shit,

I think it’s heard me. It turns its head toward me, and slowly lifts its 

hoof. I hold my breath, scared to make a sound, for fear that it will 

run. Much to my surprise, the deer does the opposite, and begins to 

take delicate steps in my direction. I watch it, as it curiously proceeds

to walk, until it is so close, I can see the tiny bits of white at the 

edges of its large brown eyes. It’s now much too close to shoot, so

instead I decide to risk a running shot. I stand up quickly, revealing 

myself, startling the deer, causing it to bolt away. I pull the string 

back, all the way to my cheek, calmly aligning the arrow with the

deer. I let the arrow fly free, it soars through the air, and burys itself 

deep in the deer’s shoulder. I walk over to the deer, and pull the

arrow from its shoulder. The lights in its eyes go out as I stab the

arrow through its brain, killing it instantly. I tie its legs together,

and sling it over my shoulder. The long 3 mile trek home is heavy on

my mind, but the smile on Prims face will be payment enough. 

I wearily drag myself into the house. I smile as I see Prims eyes light 

up and grow wide at the sight of so much food. “Is that all for us?” 

She says in disbelief. “Yes” I say “and I’ll trade some for a bit

of bread at the Hob.”. I look toward the rocking chair that my mother

is always sitting in, and I see that she is awake. “Mother.” I say

softly. No response. “Prim, did she eat today?”. “Yes” she replies. 

I smile. I can never get mother to eat, but Prim has a special way 

with sick people. We have the best meal in months, deer steaks and 

rough grain rolls. As we’re eating, Prim sighs, and pushes her plate 

away. “What’s the matter, don’t like it?”. “No, I’m full!”. I smile, 

glad that for once she has had enough to eat. A strand of hair falls 

over her face, and I smile and brush it off her forehead gently.



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