Herro guys, guess what’s up? 37 followers! In the past three days, I’ve been getting new followers every day! So, I have a request for you guys. My birthday, which is on March 1st, is coming up, and it would make me so happy if we could get to 40 followers by then. And 45 would be INSANE! Anyways, sorry for begging, but don’t think of it as begging, think of it as asking for a birthday present. Who am I kidding, it’s totally begging. 

And here’s the answer to yesterday’s riddle, because it apparently stumped everyone: I am a bat.

I whisper in your ears, but I don’t say any words

I fly high up in the clouds

I feel good on a hot day



11 thoughts on “😁

  1. do you have 40 followers yet? and happy b-day. your b-day is like 1 and a half months from mine…….SOOOOOOO coincidential eh? and thanks for following my site!! *babbles on*

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      1. lol(….begging is a good idea though……totally making a post for that right now) its amazing how some people manage to get like 300 followers….

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      2. Ikr?! Well, to be fair, Riley and OY30 have both had their blogs for several years. Can’t wait for the begging post though lol, I’ll shout you out to all my followers if you want. 😁


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