Guess who

Hi guys, as you can tell from the miserably unoriginal title, my inspiration tank isn’t exactly full. It’s *sniffles* it’s hard to think of good, realistic ideas when you’re at the bottom. And why I mean by that, is, in the once in a blue moon that I have a fun and creative idea, like contests, raffles, Q and As, etc, I can never actually do them, because, wait for it… No one ever participates. I don’t blame you guys, half of you are adults with jobs, the other half children who have to go to school, you gotta lot of stuff to do. That exactly my problem, I don’t have enough followers for there to be a significant amount of participants. I guess I’ll just have to… Actually work to get followers, *gasps, sobs* my life is over!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my little rant. You know we didn’t. Shut up, you’re just a voice in my head, no one can even hear you.

Love y’all! βœŒπŸ˜‰


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