Might do a face reveal soon…

Hey guys, wusup? Imma turn 13 in a few weeks, so I might do a face reveal around then, of coarse I’ve gotta get permission from my mom first, that’s always fun. She just doesn’t get it, like, if I said “Hey mom, can I put a picture of myself on my blog?” She’d say something like “Well why do you want to?”. She doesn’t get that I want to do it for fun, and when she thinks I’m doing something stupid, she makes this face, and I know shes going to make got if I ask. Anyways, tell me in the comment section whether you think I should do a face reveal or not, and if I get a lot of support, maybe I can use it to get my mom to cave. Anyways, bye my little chicken nuggets!



4 thoughts on “Might do a face reveal soon…

  1. I think you should think on what’d happen if you revealed your face. There are consequences, not gonna lie. Y’know, internet’s full of all kinds of people. But if you really want to, I’m not gonna stop you. As you wish :v

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