Blend in

This is a song that I’m writing.

You gotta, blend in and blend out,

Raise your voice above the crowd.

You gotta, be quiet and loud,

And do it all at the same time,

This stuff is messing with, my mind, my mind, o-o-oh

I’m never gonna be what all these people tell me I should be

But I don’t care because all I need is to believe in me

And  I’m not gonna see what they want me to see,

What I see is what I see, and that’s up to me

All I think, 24/7 is “who am I?”

But I can find it out, if I give it a try

Oh, you gotta, blend in and blend out,

You gotta scream and shout,

But you gotta do it in the right crowd.

At first it was easy, but now I’m not so sure

It’s the same thing that it was, but now it’s harder than before

It’s like a crazy game of tag where I’m never It,

 but I’m always gettin’ chased, and I just can’t take this shit.

But this is who I’ll always be, this is who I am

I’m not changing for anyone, even if I can.


I don’t think it’s done yet, I hope you guys like it.



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