I’ve got an idea…

You know how you get nominated for an award, and then someone else nominates you for the same award, sometimes on the same day? Well I’ve got an idea to fix that. It’ll only work if you know me, because it’ll be on my blog, but it might help a bit in my little community. I’ll have a page were there will be a list of blog awards, and beside each award, list of the names of people who had already been nominated for it, like so.

Mystery Blogger Award:  Badatgaming, OY30, EllaTheTuxEnder      

One Lovely Blog Award:  Dumcheese, sfmyrmyr 

Sunshine blogger Award: Sfcamster, Tara(Flower in a rainy day)

When you get nominated, leave a comment on the page telling me which award you were nominated for, and I’ll add your name to the list.

Anyway, you get the gist, you guys think I should do it? If so, please comment below telling me what you think, thanks guys, peace out.

xox Stacy


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