Runny Mac n’ Cheese

I’m having lunch right now, flat soda and runny macaroni and cheese, the food of angels. Jk, it’s actually kinda gross, but who cares. At least I got a poem outta it.

Runny Mac n’ Cheese
Runny Mac n cheese, it’s an ooy gooey mess.

I think it’s disgusting, but my bro says it’s the best.

If you ingest this vile combination,

you’ll turn into a human gas-station.

Also to flat soda I’ll object, there’s no bubbles, fizz or spice.

It tastes like sugar water, and that doesn’t taste too nice.

I know this poem’s only six lines long, which is a little short,

But flat soda and runny Mac n’ Cheese always put me out of sorts.

Hope you liked it, peace out.

xox Stacy


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