I’ve been nominated for the Captain Awards

I have been nominated for the Captain Awards by Chipchompdoodle! Thanks!

These Awards were created by Captain Origami.

Go check both of these people out!

Anyways, without further ado, here we go!

Have you ever been on a boat in the ocean? If so, please explain.

Um, does an hour long ferry ride count? Honestly, it wasn’t really like we were on the water, but it was so cool.

Have you ever been a captain in a sports game? Details would be nice.

I’ve never even been on a sports team, but I almost always beat my brother’s at soccer.

What’s your favourite pirate movie?

Pirates’ of the Carribean, the one with the Black Pearl.

Favourite captain?

Um, Captain Oragami of course! (Mostly cause I don’t know any other captains)

What would you prefer? Captain, Sergeant, General, or Lieutenant?

I have no opinion on any of those, but I guess I’ll say Captain for, um the theme.


And now for my nominees…

Eva with N

Tara(Flower in a rainy day)


Well, thanks to Chipchompdoodles for nominating me, peace out.



xox Stacy






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