At least

I’m not saying that my life is just a big pile of shit; that’s not true. But I’ve still had some problems. In early 2016, Me and my family were driving around the country, and one day, we got stuck on a hill. 

My dad tried to dig us out, but after a while he decided to walk to town and get help, and about an hour later a blizzard came up. I never saw him again, and 2 months later, his body was found, frozen to death. 

The rest of my family cried, but I tried to stay strong for everyone. Sometimes at night I think about it, and I cry. But then I realise, both my parents could have died, we could have all frozen. And sometimes I miss my dad so much it hurts, but at least  our life is getting better.

 I know this was a little darker than most of my posts, but it’s what I’m feeling right now, and I try to follow my feelings. Peace out

xox Stacy


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