2016 Camster Origami Awards: Part 1! Submit Your Nomination!

Camster Origami

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 3.34.34 PM.pngPlease give a warm welcome to your host, sfcamster!

Hey everyone! I’m here to deliver news— the 2016 Camster Origami Awards are going to be voted on this year! These awards have been done once before, and it was successful! So I’m challenging all of you to vote on this. 😉

This modified award ceremony will be congratulating and awarding some bloggers out there who have really done a fantastic job this year! This is kind of my Oscar show. 😉

I will be awarding virtual trophies called “Origami Yodas” to the winners. There’s no real prize, this is just a time to reflect on everything the blogger world has done.

The awards do not take place today! However, this post is very important, because I am going to give you all the option of submitting your awesome stuff from 2016 to this award ceremony!

I have revised the questions…

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