We’re going to Florida?!

Okay, you guys remember a couple days ago when I told you  that my friends went to Florida? Well, they are staying with their family for a few days, and my mom kind of casually mentioned that maybe we drive down to Florida and visit them, and I was like “Are you serious?” ’cause my mom jokes like that sometimes. Guess what? She wasn’t! There was a little problem at first though, you see, we have to pay our rent and stuff soon, and it would cost about $90-100 in gas to get to Florida ( plus more for food). But this morning my mom went to get the mail, and there was a Christmas card from my great grandma with a $125 dollar check ( $25 dollars per person) in it! Now there’s only one problem; I’m not sure when we’re going. Basically the whole reason I want to go is to see my friends, and they’re only gonna’ be there for a few days. We have to clean our house, pack, and go shopping before we leave, plus it takes 12 hours to get there, so it’s gonna’ be pretty tough getting there before my friends leave. Oh, one more thing, I drew a picture of their little sister and posted it on Instagram, so why don’t you just head on over there, and follow me if you haven’t already, my screen name is stacytheblogger. Peace out



xox Stacy


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