I couldn’t think of a title

Hi guys, does anyone remember me? I hope so, I haven’t post in like 2 weeks, I don’t know why. Me and my family are going to do some Christmas shopping today, I’m not sure when though. I’ve been pretty down lately, I haven’t seen any of my friends since the day after Thanksgiving, and they went to Florida a couple days ago. I wish I didn’t feel this way, but I’m jealous. They go to Florida like 5 times a year, and do sorts of fun stuff like that, and me and my family, we basically just stay at home all the time, and sometimes we visit my grandparents and go to the store, but that is literally it. And they post pictures on Instagram, and It’s like, on one hand, I’m happy to see their faces at all, but on another hand, it makes my life feel even more boring to see all the fun things that they do. I’m sorry for dumping all this on you guys, I just don’t really have anyone else to tell. If you guys have ever felt this way, please tell me in the comment section. Peace out.



xox Stacy


8 thoughts on “I couldn’t think of a title

  1. Hey Stacy, I understand being jealous, and I know it really sucks. And it’s awful to miss someone and not be able to see them.But you’re strong, and you can pull through, I know it!😊 Stay positive, and keep that smile.

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