I’m thinking of writing a book

I’m thinking of writing a book, here’s a sample, tell me if you like it in the comment section, if you do, then I’ll continue writing it.


The wind blows my brunette hair into my eyes as I run through the ally, and I am temporarily blinded by it, but, right before I hit a trash can, I drop the package that I’m carrying, and swerve around the corner. My chest heaves as I attempt to catch my breath, and sweat pours down my face. I quickly glance over my shoulder, but there’s nothing there, I’m safe for now, but, once they catch my scent, I have to run. My name is Aubry Whitman, I am fourteen years old, I live with my mom and three little brothers In a small house in Portland, Oregon, and my dad died when I was nine years old. I hear barking in he distance, which means I have to run. I vault over the fence separating the ally from the forest, and run into the woods. I run to the nearest tree, and start climbing. I pull myself up on a branch, right before the four german shepherds reach the tree.

I hope you like it! It is completely up to you whether I continue the seiries. Peace out



xox Stacy






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