How to Attatch a Video to an Email

Okay, so, a little while ago, me and my brother had the idea to email short videos to eachother, and it turns out, he doesnt even know how to attatch a video to an email! I thought that would be a good subject for a post, and I’m gonna’ show you the email that I sent to him, explaining how to send a video with an email.

Okay, first, you make the video, obviously, and then when you’re in your inbox, click on the little red and white pencil. After you do that, click on the small white paper clip in the upper right corner, and then click on “videos”. Once you’re there, click the video you want, and when you’re done composing the email, hit the little white airplane next to the paperclip.

Sorry the email is a little… dumbed down.

Anyway, hope that was helpful, see ya’ later, peace out.



xox Stacy


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