Friendship therapy <3

Eva, you’re a brave person. :”)

Eva with n

Heyy guyss:).

Sooooo, today we had a judo competition and I was 1st.

I’m really glad about it because one fight was a bit hard but anyways.

Image result for tumblr too complicated

For this competition we had to go at 8. 30 wich is really late- usually we need to go at 6. 00 in the morning.

Image result for tumblr not a morning person

When we arrived I was very nervous, but I didn’t say anything, I just kept it for myself (and I know that’s not really healthy, I could just tell N but really, there was no opritunity).

We started warming up and I was feeling very sick but I couldn’t tell if it was because of the nervousness or something else.

Image result for tumblr nervous

When we finished up I was still feelling a bit sick but not so much so it was ok.

We went to the place where our category had fights and I needed to wait for about 45 minutes…

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