The Ride

We’re finally on our way! The boys are in a separate car, so we don’t have to worry about them, and we have a three-hour ride to ourselves! Julie and Carrie, their fifteen year old cousin, sit on the back seat, and me and Tarah sit on the front bench. Tarah brought her tablet and stuff to draw with, and now I really wish that I had mine. I didn’t  bring my tablet because there was no wi-fi, and I couldn’t get my drawing pad out of the trunk because I put my stuff in first, so now it’s stuck under everything else. There is a cooler between the drivers’ and passengers’ seat, and I ask miss Bell if I can get a drink. She says it’s all right, so I get a Mountain Dew. About forty-five minutes later, we stop in front of a house, and I’m a little confused. I ask what we’re doing her and miss Bell says “We’re here to pick up Leo and Olive” and I say “Wait, is this like, Jakes’ girlfriend Olive?” “No, of course not, it’s Olive from church.” “Oh, okay I get it.” after that, we sit for a few minutes, and the car that the boys are riding in pulls up, and Mr. Bell and all the boys get out. Leo comes out of the house first, and he only has one bag, but there’s not enough room left in the trunk of the boys’ car, so he puts it in the trunk of the van. Then Mason comes up to our window and starts making faces at us and pressing his face against the glass. We roll the window down a little, and his face kind of smears. Then he left us alone. Tarah and Julie talk to me about Olive for a while, and say that I should be careful not to be mean to her, because she’s really sensitive. Olive comes out, and she has, like, three or four bags. she puts most of them in the trunk, and she brings the smallest one with her to the back seat with Julie and Carrie. After what seems like an hour, but was probably just ten minutes, all of the boys are back in their car, and we start to move again. Since the window is open, a little breeze drifts though the car, so we close the window. I was going to ask if I could dig through all the crap in the trunk, but that’s when we started moving. Olive is almost the exact physical opposite  of Julie. Olive’s not much taller than me, but she is very skinny, and she has weird, unnatural dark red bob that she obviously dyed. She has a really sweet voice and she’s pretty nice, but she seems to think I’m just a little kid, which is kind of annoying. Carrie and Julie start drawing, and Olive watches. I can’t believe there’s still two hours left. An hour later, we stop at Little Ceasers, and Mr.Bell and some of the boys go in, and a couple of minutes later, he brings four pizzas up to the van, and then he takes the other two pizzas to the car. We leave Little Ceasers, and I wonder out loud why we got twice as many pizzas as them, even though there’s only one more of us than them. Julie says “Leo eats a pizza, and Jake eats a pizza.”. “*laugh* yeah.” . We drive for about an hour without anything happening, and then we start going up a really twisty uphill road, and it starts to get fun. We stop a few times to look at the scenery, and after at the end of our six hour ride that was supposed to take half that time, we finally get to The Wilds


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