The Morning

The light streams through Tarahs’ curtains, waking me from a deep sleep. I sit up and turn on the bed so that I’m sitting with my legs hanging over the edge of the bottom bunk on Tarahs’ bad. I look up to see if Tarah’s awake, and then I look toward the cot next to me that Tarahs’ older sister, Julie, is sleeping on. Neither of them are awake, but I decide to go brush my teeth and stuff anyway, and them maybe read a book while I wait for my friends to wake up. After a couple minutes, Julie wakes up, and we start talking about, and criticizing, a movie that we both liked, The Hunger Games. A little while later Tarah woke up, or rather got up, because she had been up for a while, and she was just pretending to b be asleep. Now that we were all awake, we went to have breakfast. We have cereal and some leftovers from last night. After that, we all start drawing. It’s fun because it’s something that we all like. They’re good at drawing animé and cartoons, and I’m better at drawing realistic stuff, like horses. After a while, me and Tarah get bored of drawing, so we go outside without Julie. They have goats, chickens, a mini horse named Cole, two Chihuahuas, two boxer dogs, and five cats. We feed goats, mini horse and chickens, and then we check to see if there are any new eggs. There are a few, but we don’t gather them, because we can’t tell when they were laid, and they only eat the very recently laid eggs. After we finish with the chores, we got play with the kittens. There are two kittens, Garfield, and I don’t remember the other ones’ name. I like Garfield better.  Garfield is  chubby, with fluffy gray and dark gray striped fur, and his brother is slim and sleek with yellow and orange striped fur. I playfully run toward Garfield, and he runs a little way, them I scoop him up and start petting and cuddling him. The other one starts following me, and Tarah picks him up, then we walk over to the bench in their front yard that sits underneath one of their pear trees. Her eight year old sister, Hallie, comes out and and says hi, then she walks over to the bench, and I ask her if she wants to hold Garfield, because he was starting to squirm. She says she would, so I hand him to her. At this point, Tarah has put The other kitten down, so I pick him up. His coat feels shiny, and I stroke it thoughtfully as I think of what we’re going to do next. Tarah suggests that we go play on the trampoline, and I think it would be fun, but when we go in the backyard to get on the trampoline, we see that Jake has beat us to it, so we sit on the net swing that hangs from an oak tree near her boxers’ cage. We talk about camp for a while, and them we go back inside to get something to drink, and maybe draw some more. Julie has move to her desk in the kitchen, and she is still drawing. It’s really nice, it’s a realistic drawing of a castle that she had been working on at camp. We go in to her room because her ten year old brother, Mason, is really annoying, especially when my little brother, Jole, isn’t there to play with him. Her five year old sister, Tess, has finally woken up, and she just frowns at me. She is mad at me because I wouldn’t let her have my dog, Teresa, even though she has seven dogs already. After she leaves, we close the bedroom door. We go over to the table by the window where they keep all their drawing stuff. I brought my own, but I don’t have any colored pencils, so I just use theirs. I start drawing/designing a dress, and then my legs start get tired, so I stand up to go get a snack. Tarah comes out and gets a glass of milk, and then we grab our skates and backpacks and say goodbye to her family. We leave for school at 7:40 exactly.


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