Today I will be experimenting with… Rants!

Okay, I’ve never done a rant before, so try to be open-minded about this. Here goes! I hate sites like ExploreTalent.com were they let you sign up for free, but you have to pay to actually get  an audition! I mean, if you’re like me, and almost the whole purpose of acting for you is to make money, because you don’t even have enough money to get an audition, then that totally sucks. Second,  and don’t think I’m a hater for saying this, but it’s really annoying how you have to pay to get the business plan on WordPress, because at first, the only reason I got this blog was to make money off ads, but it didn’t turn out to be a total bust. Also, I hate it when you’re emailing or texting back and forth with someone, and they suddenly stop replying, and you know it’s not because you said something offensive. Anyway, that’s the first three things that I hate most that I could think of off the top of my head. Hope you can relate to me and will comment and like.:)


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