I’m at Tarah’s now, and her mom is cooking dinner. Tarah has a nice house, it’s big, but cozy at the same time. Tarah is just now coming down from her room ” Hey, you’re here.”. ” Yeah, and 1 minute early too.”. ” I know, I was about to go outside and wait for you.”. We go up to Tarah’s room and I ask if I can put my bag on her bed. She says it’s okay, so I flop down, skateboard  and all, onto her bed. “Wow, I forgot how soft your mattress is.” “Yeah, but it doesn’t feel nearly as soft after you sleep on it for  a year.”.I laugh and say “Yeah, I guess so.” It’s quiet for a moment and then I ask Tarah what her mom is making for dinner, and she says “Chicken pot pie and lemonade, I think.” “Oh, cool!”. Her older brother, Jake, does flips and really hardcore stuff. He’s doing a radius flip outside, it looks pretty cool. “Girls, dinner’s ready.” called Tarah’s mom from downstairs. “Okay, coming” we said together. We rushed downstairs, and I was just about to sit down, when my phone started ringing.”Hey, Stacie where are you?” said my mom’s voice. At first I’m confused, but then I realize I forgot to tell Brett to tell mom that I’m sleeping over tonight! It shouldn’t be a big problem, right? Wrong, with my mom you have to tell her everything, what you brought, when you want her to pick you up, and most importantly (for her) she has to talk to the parent at the house to make sure everything is up to her standards safety wise. luckily for me, I’d slept over at Tarah’s several times, and by now my mom knows all that.”I’m sleeping over at Tarah’s.”I respond after a second. “Oh, okay just needed to know, by baby, love you.”. “bye.”. Okay, now we can have dinner. It’s really good, but it’s still not the best part of the night. The best part of the night is when we sit up in the loft in her barn and just talk. But first, we’re going to watch a movie or two, and then go outside and play with her animals. That was fun, but we gotta go to bed now. The reason that we have to go to bed so early is because my mom is picking me up at 12:00, and I want to be able to spend as much time as possible with Tarah tomorrow morning.



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