Comic Book Character and Status Update

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Rileys Backpack

So I’ve been thinking

Inner Riley: That’s where the trouble starts

That I want to have a Comic Book Character. I asked for suggestions from a few people and I got one that I really liked. PB&James! I really think that it would be cool. But I want your input too! So do you think PB&James would be cool, or do you have another suggestion? Tell me in the comments.

And for the second half of the post, status update.

My Top 10 Books are coming I promise, along with Top Tens for movies, books, superheroes, and other top tens of stuff.

I am helping my little bro Eliot start a blogging account too! We will (hopefully) add him to the authors. He will do cool science stuff and we can do videos together and with Riley. SO look out for that.

School! That dreaded enemy. A wise man once…

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