Animal kingdom part 2

My stupid little brother got us all grounded from the computer last Saturday,  and it’s so hard just to get our crappy tablet to work that it’s not even worth it to try to make it work, and I’ve haven’t had a chance to post for the last couple days, sorry about that. Anyway, about the field trip. It was cool , but it kinda killed my expectations. For starters, my best friend wasn’t there because her big sisters pet squirrel kitten died, and her parents wanted someone that actually cared to be there instead of just her 16 year old brother. Most of the time I was just hanging out with their 8 year old little sister, which wasn’t that bad, ’cause she’s actually pretty mature for her age, but I still would have liked it better if Tara was there. Another thing that I was really annoyed by was the fact that I was just 2 inches too tall for the pony rides, but I’m considered short by most people, so that sucks. Anyway, all complaints aside, it was pretty fun. see you next post, comment ‘n like and stuff.
























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