My Longest Post Ever

Attention! If you are Dumcheese, then scroll down to the bottom before reading the rest!

September 9th, 2016

So, its 11:10 as I type this, and my little brothers aren’t up yet. Now it’s 11:28, and we have to leave for my baby brothers doctor appointment.

September 10th, 2016

I don’t really have any ideas right now,so I just gonna make it up as I go along. Alright, so, um, I like art and I draw a lot. That’s 65 words. I might add some pictures later, I don’t know. My favorite color is aquamarine, which is also my birthstone.


Commercial break!

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Aaand, we’re back! That’s 116 words. Have you ever heard the question ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ well, I know the answer! It’s obviously the chicken that came first, since chickens teach their young how to scratch for food and stuff. #SienceDiscovery😀. Sorry about that. I’m probably only gonna do about 500 words, but who knows? While I’m here, I might as well mention my little brother’s blog, I should add more pictures soon. Yes! We are officially at 200 words! Only 295 to go. Crap.  It’s 12:04, I only have an hour left, so I better hurry up

Comments quiz!

Okay, what is your favorite color?

A: Blue

B: Green

C: Red

D: Yellow

E: Orange

F: Purple

Put your answer in the comment section.☺

Wow, I’m halfway to my goal already! Anyway, I got this idea from Dumcheese on and I just want to say, if I’m going to use his idea, then I might as well mentioned  his blog. One thing most people don’t know about me is that I’m homeschooled, which is pretty cool, because it means I can sleep in as long as I want! Oohh, that’s 313 words! My little brother’s are watchig ‘Looney Toons’ , it’s kinda dumb, but sometimes it’s funny. It’s the one where Porky’s girlfriend is coming to town and Daffy is trying to stretch out his stomach for the hotdog eating contest at the Fair. It’s 7:06 PM, and we’re watching one of the Indiana Jones movies, I don’t know which one it is though. I think it’s the one where they eat monkey brains or eyeballs or something .Eww.There’s still 110 words to go!😦 Anyway… I have a question. How many of you out there are teenagers? I just started wondering, what is so great about being a teen? If you think you can answer that question, then go ahead and type it down in the comment section. Anyway, more about Okay, it’s a pretty cool site, and he has some funny stuff,  some stuff that’s kinda like, a little bit more entertaining to boys but still cool for girls, and a lot of stuff about games he made. He also has, like 271 followers, including myself, so you can guess how popular it is. it’s pretty good. Oh! That’s 501 words! Anyway, hope you enjoyed it, bye!

To Riley: sorry I used one of  your ideas.😇



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