Celebrity Q&A

Reporter: So, tell me Celebrity Famous, What is your opinion on the environment?

Celeb: Eh, it’s cool. Now, more about me! For every meal I eat nothing but kale and I have a serious eating disorder!

Reporter: Um, that was, uh, interesting, but what do you think about nature?

Celeb: Well, if you’re talking about natural beauty, then I think we all agree I’m the finest specimen.

Reporter: Cut! Just cut! I’m sorry, I can’t work with this girl, she’s impossible!

Celeb : I am not! I made sure to act extra humble today! Now I’m going to go pretty cry in a corner! *Runs away pretty crying*

Reporter: Well, that’s all for today, folks!

Assistant: *whispering*

Reporter: Wait, the cameras are off? Well, I guess that means my shift is over.



Anyway, hope you liked it, see you tomorrow guys!



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