By the lockers


The lockers are the same as in 6th grade, except now  I know how to open them. “Hi Stacy!” said my best friend Tarah. She is standing across the hallway, and by the looks of it, she had only opened her locker a few moments before she noticed me, because the swinging door barely missed her head as she turned to speak to me. ‘Did you hear about Steven?’ she wispered. “Actually, I didn’t, I’ve been so busy organizing my stuff that I haven’t had time to listen to the locker gossip.” I wisper back. “Okay, but promise not to tell anyone.  Alright, here goes, STEVEN BARFED IN HIS LOCKER!”. She didn’t yell, but it was still loud enough for Cortnie, who has a locker right next to mine, to hear it. Cortnie is pretty nice, and I doubt that she she would tell anyone, but all the same, I still wish she hadn’t heard. She looks kinda grossed out, but I think It’ll be fine. Steven is also Cortnie’s brother, so she might tell someone, I don’t know how close they are,  but I guess it doesn’t

m c b f
This is Cortnie

really matter anyway, cause even if someone did find out, it would be old news by tomorrow, and it’s not like I’m related to him. “Hey, Stacy, you wanna go make embarrassing videos of the nerds trying to look cool?”. “Sure, why not, I need to test out my new phone anyway!” I just got my first real phone, last year my mom just gave me a bunch of quarters, “So that if you need to call me you can use the pay phone.” and she wouldn’t understand when I tryed to explain that it isn’t the 80’s any more. This year, my dad had to move away for work, and my mom has been trying to make up for it by  getting me a phone and new clothes and stuff like that. We even went to a PG13 movie last week! It actually wasn’t really that bad, I mean, it only had a couple of cuss words  but it’s not like I’ve never seen someone cuss before. No one I’m related to, just some guys around town. Anyway, turns out my new phone works great! I posted the video on the school blog and it has tons of hits and thumbs-up. Oops, there’s the bell, better get going.


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