Meet the siblings

Finally, school’s over. I did pretty well in 6th grade, but 7th is harder than I expected. Glad I brought my roller skates, my mom has to work late tonight and I hate taking the bus home. I’m sleeping over at Tarah’s tonight, so I’m gonna have to drop by my house to pick up some clothes and my sleeping bag. “Hey, Stacy!”. Oh no! I forgot I have to watch Joey and Zoey tonight. They’re twins and they’re also in 2nd grade, so they can’t stay home alone. Oh, I know! I’ll call Brett (that’s my older brother, by the way) and tell him mom put him on babysitting duty tonight. Now that I’m almost 13, he’s starting to respect me a little more, so he might actually do it. I’ll call him now, to get through with it. Rrrriing, Rrrriing, Rrrriing! “Hello, this is the White house. Who am I speaking to?” That’s Brett. He likes to joke around, especially with strangers. Our last name really is White, but he tries to make it sound like we’re the oval office. ” It’s Stacy, Brett, and next time, don’t say it like that. That joke isn’t even funny. Anyway, I have a sleepover tonight and I’m gonna need you to watch the twins. Can you do it?”. “Well, that depends, will you help me take a video of my band playing tomorrow? We really need the publicity, and we don’t have anyone who can take a decent video.” ” Alright, fine, just make sure to remind me about it.” Well, now that that’s settled, I gotta slow down so the twins can catch up. ” Okay guys, Brett is watching you tonight, so go easy on him, ’cause we all know that he has, like zero babysitting skills. ” Okay, ย we’ll try to take as little advantage of him as possible, but don’t expect to much.” That was Zoey. Between the two of them, Zoey has 60% of the brains. We’re at the house now and I rush up to my room, but my oldest sibling, Harmony, stops me and says “I know it was you who stole my bracelet, you were the last person I let in my room.”. “It wasn’t me, it was probably Brett or Zoey.”. ” Why would Brett steal a bracelet? “. ” I dunno, so he could sell it or something, it’s the kind of thing he would do.”. “Alright, fine, I’ll go see if Brett took it, but if neither he or Zoey did it, I’m coming back to you.”. “Fine, whatever, just do it tomorrow, ’cause I have a sleepover tonight.” I go in my room and grab a pair of pajamas, some clothes, a sleeping bag , and my toothbrush and a bottle of contact lens liquid, and stuff it all into my sports bag. I snatch up my skateboard on the way out, ’cause that’s how I’m going to get to school tomorrow. I’d take the bus, but it always goes by Tarah’s house first, and we might be getting up a little later than usual, so we won’t be ready for school until after the bus passes by. “Hi Tarah.” I’m callingย Tarah to tell her I’m on my way ( we separated after school so she could clean up her room for our sleepover) “Hi Stacy, when do you think you’ll get here? I’m almost done cleaning my room.”. “I’m on my way I’ll probably getย ย there in around 10 minutes, 8 if there’s no traffic.” “Okay, see you in 9.”


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